Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who Is The Founder Of MADC

If you are anything like me, writing about yourself is the hardest part to do in running a business but it is important! So after many readers have said things like "Great job" or "Love your blog but..." I don't know who you are or "Why don't you have an about me page?" I do.. but it's outdated and I do not have a membership program any longer. But I can show you my past.. so here goes:)

This is from the magazine "Home Business Magazine. http://www.homebusinessmag.com/businesses/special-types/make-diaper-cake

I also have our home newspaper article somewhere from 2005, featured on many websites ( check Google for Barb Ireland diaper cakes:) anyway scroll down and see more " about me"
So there is my 10 minutes of fame lol! Hope this helps!
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Charlene Faulkner said...

I have the same issue, hard for me to talk about myself and I don't have an about page on my blog which has been pointed out to me as well. Soooooo this will be something that I'll have to get busy doing, writing about myself and posting an about page on my blog.

B.Ireland Designs said...

LOL.. I always "hired out" for this because it just made my life easier, otherwise I would tend sit and stare at a blank doc:) I really hate it... and only "use it" when trying to make a point about attracting traffic or other business matters.I remember some lady calling me wanting me be on some talk show, she was so rude... I know they have deadlines, but when I tried to explain me & MADC I had no pitch ready and she never called back lol.. oh well, no way I can deal with people like that anyway:)


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